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Vachie’s Success

Multi Chunnell
Jan 1, 2022
In Process
$100K +

Project Details

The upcoming case study revolves around Vachi Storage, a Dubai-based startup specializing in storage services. Given their fledgling status, the swift generation of leads was paramount. To ensure this, we conducted exhaustive keyword research, examined competitors, and devised an effective ad strategy. With everything in place, the campaigns were launched on February 1st. Clicks and conversions began flowing in, coupled with a commendable search results ranking, making the initial phase appear quite smooth. 

However, at the beginning of April, although the number of leads continued to rise, there was a significant decline in lead quality. Surprisingly, no changes were made to the website, and the ads remained consistent with only minor adjustments.

Consequently, it became crucial to investigate the issue with the ads.


The problem did exist, and we needed to find a way to fix it. It wasn’t an easy task, but we found out that the search impression share had drastically dropped from 50-60% to 15-20%. However, the impression share for top positions remained consistent. Upon analyzing insights, a new competitor was identified, occupying a consistently high rank above Vachi Storage. To further understand this competitor’s ad history and success with keywords, the tool Semrush was utilized. To the surprise of Vachi Storage, this competitor ranked first for nine out of their ten most crucial keywords, while Vachi Storage’s ads were relegated to the bottom of the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) or even the second page. It became evident that while leads were being generated, the ads’ positioning at the bottom or on subsequent pages of the SERP deterred quality leads from clicking on them.

A decision had to be made to modify the ads strategy. Firstly, the number of targeted keywords was minimized. Additionally, the campaign structure was revamped, reducing the number of ad groups. Bidding strategies were adjusted, and the marketing objective was revised. As a result, within a week, the impression share for top positions soared from 27% to 99%, and the absolute top impression share increased from 2.67% to 69%. Although there was a slight decrease in the number of conversions, the overall lead quality improved fourfold. This improvement allowed the business to expand its services and attract more investors.

Our journey through social media ads had its share of bumps too. At the start, we rolled out campaigns with the goal of driving traffic and generating leads. Surprisingly, while we were racking up a heap of leads, we found that many of them had already sealed the deal with other companies by the time we got in touch. But guess what? We saw this as a chance to pivot.

So, we decided to switch things up big time. Instead of just trying to get people to the website, we took a leap and switched our ads to focus on calls and messages. This turned out to be a game-changer, giving us a direct line to potential clients. And the best part? The numbers spoke for themselves. We went from shelling out $15.16 for people to see our content to just $2.97 for direct messages and $4 for calls. And here’s the kicker: those direct calls were converting at a smashing rate of at least 50%!

And guess what happened next? In the blink of an eye—well, three months to be exact—our storage facility was chock-full. We had to decrease ad budget because the business was soaring. We hit the pinnacle, and now the plans are all about making that storage space even bigger to meet the incredible demand.

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