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15 Jan, 2023
30 August, 2023
$50K +

Project Details

Now let’s dive into the juicy details of another game-changing strategy, a medley of social media prowess, Google ads finesse, and the magic of email marketing. Our story unfolds in the USA, with a startup selling unique African-style clothing for ladies. This niche was as specialized as it gets. The initial hurdles were real – struggling conversion rates and a less-than-stellar returning customer rate.

Given the distinctiveness of their products, nailing the target audience was essential. So, we kicked off with Meta ads, cleverly segmenting Instagram and Facebook placements to unravel where our potential buyers were engaging the most. The results didn’t exactly throw us off balance. Instagram turned out to be the power player, delivering the goods, although its click-through rate (CTR) lagged behind the Facebook placement.

To get a more precise pulse, we crafted unique UTM parameters for each ad, neatly fitting into Google Analytics. This allowed us to see how each ad was performing, track the conversion rate, and even peek at session durations. But ah, the CTR conundrum. Upon delving into the placement report, it became clear that Instagram’s CTR was taking a hit due to disappointing showings in story and reels placements. We improvised and whipped up tailored content exclusively for these placements.

And poof! CTR received a significant boost.


It was time to switch things up fashionably, literally. As the industry dictates freshness, we committed to introducing a new creative every two weeks. This turned out to be the secret sauce – online store sessions scaling new heights. But, there’s always another twist in the story. Conversion rates on the website were still a bit shy. Enter the star of the show: social proof. We dived into influencer marketing, generating sales and subsequently ushering in a steady stream of reviews and testimonials. These gems found a home on the website, including unboxing videos. This single move escalated the conversion rate from 0.37% to a gratifying 1%.

However, the challenge of improving returning customer rates persisted. Our next bold move? Email marketing via Klaviyo. We seamlessly integrated a pop-up offering a 10% discount for subscribers. The bait worked, and within a month, about 150 emails were collected. An email marketing flow was orchestrated exclusively for subscribers, covering abandoned checkouts and purchasers. Newsletters were sent out featuring top models, fresh arrivals, fantastic deals.

The results? A glorious 8% returning customer rate, and sales took off like a rocket on the days when our exciting promotional email campaigns landed in people’s inboxes.

Fast-forward, the business is on a rocketing trajectory, riding high on growth, and basking in the joy of what we’ve conjured. So, why hesitate? Join the ranks of the hundreds who’ve boosted their ROAS and sales with us. Your success story awaits.

We took another leap with our strategy, this time in the realm of Google Ads. Our approach involved crafting three distinct campaigns: shopping ads, search ads targeting keywords associated with African-style clothing, and a crucial campaign centered around branded keywords search. This final campaign ensured visibility for all searches related to our brand on Google.

Our arsenal of techniques was impressive. We incorporated dynamic image extensions, which cleverly matched the images with the words users searched for. Sitelink extensions played a pivotal role too. These included a dedicated “reviews” section, aimed at offering substantial social proof whenever someone searched for us on Google. Not stopping there, we introduced promotions extensions and more to create a comprehensive experience.

We’re all well aware of the power of combining Google Ads with social media strategies, and integrating email marketing into this mix was like the cherry on top. The results? Well, they practically shout for themselves.

Fast-forward, the business is on a rocketing trajectory, riding high on growth, and basking in the joy of what we’ve conjured. So, why hesitate? Join the ranks of the hundreds who’ve boosted their ROAS and sales with us. Your success story awaits.

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